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Collectable Card Games (CCG) are the Crack Cocaine of the Gaming world. – Rick Aucoin, 1999

Hello, my name is Ed L., and I own Star Trek Cards….

The game is from Decipher, the same company that made How to Host a Murder. And I used to own a bunch. I probably still do, but they would be in storage somewhere. Do YOU want them?


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We have the technology…
We can build a better okra…
faster, stronger…
a Bionic Okra…


In my quest to create the world’s first multimedia okra, I have taken on many and varied projects…

From the grade-school and junior-high science fair projects:

  • using ‘dippy-birds’ and lavalamps to study convection
  • researching the Teapot Effect (Israeli Physicists once published a peer-reviewed article on the tendency of fluids to cling to the container from which they are poured)
  • learning about the difference between potential and kinetic energy while studying circular momentum with a yo-yo

To scientific-like past-times:

  • stimulating my right-brain with SciFaiKu
  • mixing drinks in expensive lab equipment
  • debating the validity of StarTrek pseudo-science

Yet, one day the world will no longer laugh at my attempts…


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